Our basic merchandise range consists of regular daily usable items such as those presented below. Most items come in various options such as size, material and colour. All items are hand-made, and made-to-order, unless stated otherwise. You can order them from our Artist Gallery.

Cotton & Microfiber

(from RM35 each)

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

(from RM20 each)

Canvas Tote Bags

(from RM35 each)

Metal Drink Flasks

(from RM35 each)

Acrylic Keychains

(from RM4 each)


(from RM25 each)

Cotton & Polyester Caps

(from RM25 each)

Gift / Trinket Pouches

(from RM5 each)

Soft Cosmetics /
Pencil Cases
11cm x 20cm

(from RM10 each)

Printed publications

(from RM3 each)

T-Shirt Size & Colour Options

Standard : 100% Cotton / Short Sleeve
Microfiber / Long Sleeve / Collared options also available

Merchandise Availability

  • Items can be ordered through our Artist Gallery or pre-prepared online order forms - where we will produce and ship directly to you.

  • Alternatively, readily-available items are available from our community retail partners in various locations.

  • We also make our merchandise available at community events, as and when they occur throughout the calendar.

  • For 2023, we will be at the Amcorp Mall flea market every 1st and 4th weekends of the month unless stated otherwise. Please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages for updates.

Some of our merchandise at Five Cafe, Petaling Jaya

Some of our merchandise at Five Cafe, Petaling Jaya

"Celebration of Needs" event at Valencia by EmployAble 16 April 2022

Customized Merchandise?

If you're looking for items as potential Corporate Gifts for your organisation, and would like to support a great community cause, drop us a note! We can explore suitable packages for you which also include customizing The Spectrum items to include your logo, tagline, or other messages that you need!

We can be contacted via WhatsApp/mobile at +6012-570 5041 or email at

"Strange Girl" by M. Rizal

Independent electronic/synth musician M. Rizal has chosen an art piece by Cheah Yun Faye as the image for his latest track, "Strange Girl" which is available to purchase and download for USD$1 on Bandcamp! Proceeds from all digital downloads of the track will be given to Yun Faye to encourage her to keep doing her art! How awesome is that?!

Strange Girl is available here at, and is part of his upcoming 6 song demo that will soon be released by Secret Records.

Rizal first came across the art piece which was printed on a tote bag at 43 Coffee, one of our active Retail Partners.